Net Roots Movement

Lets Make Change.


Net Roots Movement is proud to endorse the following progressive candidates for the 2006 election cycle

Ned Lamont
Senate – CT
Ned Lamont has won a place on the ballot to challenge Joe Lieberman. When he's elected in November, Ned will be a progressive voice in the Senate. He will oppose the Bush administration's misguided policies and he'll stand with other Democrats for clean government, universal healthcare, and a moral foreign policy. Unlike Joe Lieberman, Ned Lamont won't have any Washington Republicans fighting for him.
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Diane Farrell
House CT-4
"Connecticut and our nation have faced enormous job losses and a faltering economy under the failed economic policies of the Bush administration in Washington. Backed up by a majority in Congress that includes my opponent, President Bush’s fiscally irresponsible economic policies have largely ignored the needs of middle-class Americans, failed to produce enough new jobs, and squandered a projected ten year budget surplus of $5.6 trillion, today projected as over $400 billion, an increase of over $80 billion from last year. No one understands how we can pay for a war, cut taxes and provide essential services to our citizens without borrowing from the future.” – Diane Farrell
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Dan Malloy
Governor CT
Dan Malloy, Stamford's four-term mayor has been committed to improving the quality of life for everyone who calls Stamford home. The results of this effort have earned the City the designation as one of the most livable cities in America. Under his leadership, Stamford's economy has been revitalized and the number of jobs increased by nine percent. He created a program that identified and insured the City's children who were eligible for HUSKY, but were without insurance. Stamford has built hundreds of affordable housing units, improved the public schools, and reduced crime. Named one of the top 100 rising Democratic leaders in the country – Dan's accomplishments in the second largest Republican stronghold in the State prove that he is the best candidate to win against a Republican in November.
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