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North Korea… Remeber them?

Lets not forget that on our 4th of July, our Independence day, North Korea defied our demands and tested sever missiles.  This news has been overshadowed by the current violence in the Middle East but lets not forget the serious danger North Korea poses to our country.  They don’t have oil but the are a real threat!

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Rewriting History

You may or may not have caught the President’s disgraceful speech to the NAACP yesterday.  He had been asked to speak at the annual meeting every year since his presidency began in 2000 and has succeeded in snubbing the group each time.  But having sunbed them already once this year (see Katrina) the president graced them with his presence.

He started off with some charming self deprecation which I found to be endearing and personable and then he launched off into noman’s land.  Instead of speaking to issues the black community wanted to hear about, he spent a good bulk of his time talking about Private School vouchers and the ban of the estate tax (only 59 African Americans would be affected by the tax).

Throughout the speech the president was heckled by the audiance who had come to hear him address issues facing the African American community.  You had to watch the exchange to know it took place because the heckling was transcribed on the White House website as “applause”.

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Specter’s Sham Legislation Touted By The Media As A White House ‘Concession’

Yesterday Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) announced that the White House had agreed to a court review of the warrantless wiretapping program.

But what Specter didn’t say is that his legislation does not require President Bush to submit the program to the FISA court; it merely gives the president the option. Under the FISA law, the administration can wiretap persons inside the U.S. But it is required to demonstrate that the targets are agents of a foreign power, like al Qaeda or their affiliates. Specter’s bill actually empowers Bush by making it optional for him to follow the law and rewards him for illegal conduct.

Nevertheless, the media has quickly picked up Specter’s line, calling the legislation a “compromise,” a “concession,” and even a “policy reversal” by the White House. Some examples —

Bush Poised To Accept 2 Curbs On His Authority, Houston Chronicle, 7/13/06:

In compromises crafted by the Senate, the White House was poised Thursday to change the way the United States prosecutes prisoners from the war on terror and to require court review of government eavesdropping on terror suspects.

Bush Agrees To Review Of Domestic Spying Program, LA Times, 7/14/06:

The tentative agreement would mark a concession by the administration, which has insisted the president has the constitutional authority to authorize the warrantless surveillance, initiated after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Bush Says Court Can Review Surveillance, Washington Post, 7/14/06:

Thursday’s agreement is the latest in a series of concessions Bush has made in his hard-line anti-terrorism tactics in recent days.

White House Agrees To NSA Review By Court: Senator, Reuters, 7/13/06:

The White House, in a policy reversal, has agreed to allow a secret federal court review of the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program, a top Senate Republican announced on Thursday.

Balkinization, Glenn Greenwald, and Horse’s Mouth all have more.

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Texas: Really a Blue State?

Its been suggested, but i guess now we’ll never know.

The Supreme Court today left intact most of the Texas congressional map redrawn to GOP advantage by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, opting to throw out only the portion that removed about 100,000 Hispanic voters from a district represented by a Republican incumbent.

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Bush & Co. condem NY Times

One of, if not the most respected journalistic institutions in the country is under fire again from the Bush administration. Bush is unhappy because, for the second time in months, the Times has exposed his unlawful activity. War was declared last year when the Times published an article about the secret wiretaps on American citizens being carried out without warrants. This time it exposed the illegal monitoring of American’s bank records without warrants. Don’t blame the messenger.

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A Secret Timetable?

“The top American commander in Iraq has drafted a plan that projects sharp reductions in the United States military presence there by the end of 2007, with the first cuts coming this September, American officials say…after criticizing Democratic lawmakers for trying to legislate a timeline for withdrawing troops, skeptics say, the Bush administration seems to have its own private schedule…”

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FACT CHECK: Right Wing Falsely Claims Iraq Is Safer Than Washington, D.C

The right wing has recently been engaged in an effort to downplay the deteriorating security situation in Iraq by suggesting that the violent death rates in Washington, D.C. are higher than those in Iraq. From Newsmax:

Despite media coverage purporting to show that escalating violence in Iraq has the country spiraling out of control, civilian death statistics complied by Rep. Steve King, R-IA, indicate that Iraq actually has a lower civilian violent death rate than Washington, D.C.

Using Pentagon statistics cross-checked with independent research, King said he came up with an annualized Iraqi civilian death rate of 27.51 per 100,000.

Rep. King’s shoddy “report” has slowly gained greater circulation, appearing in the New York Sun and on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Here’s why the report is deceptive and false:

1) The King report uses 2002 data for Washington, D.C., finding a violent casualty rate of 45.9 deaths per 100,000 people. That number is badly outdated. Using the most recent 2004 data, the violent casualty rate in D.C. is 35.8 deaths per 100,000. There were 198 homicides total in D.C. for the entire year.

2) According to Pentagon’s own data released today, there have been 94 violent casualties per day in Iraq between February and May of 2006. (see p.33). That translates into 34,310 deaths per year in Iraq. For an Iraqi population of about 26.7 million, plus another 150,000 coalition forces, the violent casualty rate in Iraq is 128 deaths per 100,000. UPDATE: The Pentagon data includes injuries as well as deaths so is not directly comparable. The Brookings Institute, however, estimates an annualized murder rate of 95 per 100,000 Iraqis in Bagdad. Brookings notes this number may be “too low since many murder victims are never taken to the morgue, but buried quickly and privately and therefore never recorded in official tallies.”

3) Lastly, the King report is trying to conflate the data for one urban area in the U.S. with the entire country of Iraq. As OpinionJournal writes, “The comparison with U.S. cities poses a problem of scale. Just as some municipalities here have high concentrations of crime, Baghdad and some other Iraqi cities have high concentrations of military, guerrilla and terrorist activity. A comparison of Baghdad with Los Angeles or a similarly sprawling U.S. city would be more enlightening than a comparison of Iraq as a whole with cities of well under a million people.”

UPDATE: Sadly No!, has more

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