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Committee Vote on Net Neutrality Tomorrow

according to mcjoan at kos:

Sen. Wyden’s pledge to “hold” any anti-net neutrality legislation that reaches the Senate floor might be raising some concern in the Senate leadership.

WASHINGTON, June 27 (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said on Tuesday he does not yet have the necessary votes to get legislation to overhaul communications laws through the full Senate. . . .Stevens told reporters he had not yet secured the 60 votes needed to end debate on the Senate floor, known as cloture, and set the measure for a final vote by the lawmakers.

“We have to get 60 votes, we don’t have them right now,” the Alaska Republican said after a daylong committee session for amending his proposed legislation. He has predicted the panel would pass the bill.

Stevens said he would not likely get a commitment from Senate leaders to bring the measure to the floor until there was greater support and that the toughest issue facing senators was Internet service, known as Net neutrality.

“They’re not going to take a month on the floor on this bill,” Stevens said. “Unless we can define a period of time that we get it done, we’ll not get it up (on the Senate floor) and that’s defined by 60 votes.”

However, that could just be Stevens’s way of letting the telcos know that they need to get out the checkbooks one more time. It would be much better to win this fight in the Commerce Committee tomorrow, which can still happen if we hold all Democratic Senators and pick up one or two Republicans to support the Snowe/Dorgan amendment to the legislation. Here are the Senators that Save the Internet says haven’t stated a position on net neutrality. If any of these Senators represent you, please take a few minutes tomorrow morning to call to request support for the Snowe/Dorgan amendment. You can  also contact them via the main switchboard toll free at 1-888-355-3588.

  • Chairman Ted Stevens, Phone: 202-224-3004
  • Sen. John McCain, Phone: 202 -224-2235
  • Sen. Mark Pryor, Phone: 202-224-2353
  • Sen. Bill Nelson, Phone: 202-224-5274
  • Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Phone: 202 224 3224
  • Sen. David Vitter, Phone: 202 224-4623
  • Sen. Trent Lott, Phone: 202-224-6253
  • Sen. Conrad Burns, Phone: 202-224-2644
  • Sen. Ben Nelson, Phone: 202-224-6551
  • Sen. John Ensign, Phone: 202-224-6244
  • Sen. John E. Sununu, Phone: 202-224-2841
  • Sen. Gordon Smith, Phone: 202-224-3753
  • Sen. Jim DeMint, Phone: 202 224-6121
  • Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Phone: 202-224-5922
  • Sen. George Allen, Phone: 202-224-4024
  • Sen. John D. Rockefeller, Phone: 202-224-6472

Stevens and Smith are almost certainly against us, and McCain, Allen, and Hutchison are the most likely supporters among Republicans. We should be able to count on the votes of both Nelsons and Rockefeller, but they are definitely worth calling. After all, you don’t want your Internet to look like your cable TV, do you? Take the poll.

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Bush & Co. condem NY Times

One of, if not the most respected journalistic institutions in the country is under fire again from the Bush administration. Bush is unhappy because, for the second time in months, the Times has exposed his unlawful activity. War was declared last year when the Times published an article about the secret wiretaps on American citizens being carried out without warrants. This time it exposed the illegal monitoring of American’s bank records without warrants. Don’t blame the messenger.

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Gov’t Wants Internet Companies to Hold User Records

The Justice Department has asked internet companies to keep, for at least 2 years, their customers' web usage histories, and may consider proposing a law to make to make the retention mandatory. While the attorney general argues the data would be used to find and prosecute terrorists and criminals trafficking in child pornography, privacy rights activists warn that the information could easily be misused. Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center, said, "Data retention is open-ended. The government is saying, 'Keep everything about everyone and we'll sort it out later.' "

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Bush to Endorse Gay Marriage Ban

President Bush will reaffirm his support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on Monday, the day before the Senate holds a vote on the measure. Since the amendment is acknowledged to have no chance of passing—it may not get even 50 votes, let alone the necessary two-thirds—the vote is largely a symbolic gesture to the GOP’s most bigoted, mean-spirited wing. The religious right has recently been voicing its displeasure with the Republicans it helped vote to power, so many officials in that party are eager to get some last-minute pandering in before the November elections.

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All Men are Created Equal… Unless They Work for the Government

Thanks to the new Bush appointments to the Supreme Court, Justice Roberts and Justice Alito, government employees are no longer granted the right to free speech.

The Supreme Court declared today, in a ruling affecting millions of government employees, that the Constitution does not always protect their free-speech rights for what they say on the job.

For years the truth of scandals and cover-ups have been leaked by public officials to the people of this country through the news media. Between illegal wire taps and restricted public workers a corrupt government (God forbid we have it one day) could get away with anything.

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Fighting Back: A Woman’s Right

Reproductive rights groups in South Dakota plan to file a petition today that would delay the state’s sweeping abortion ban, currently set to take effect July 1, pending a voter referendum next fall. The South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families says that it has collected 37,846 signatures, a good number of which came from people who are against abortion but think that the state ban—which bans abortions even in cases of incest and rape—simply goes too far. If at least 16,728 signatures are found to be valid, the ban will be put before voters next fall, quite possibly ruining anti-abortion forces’ hopes of setting up a high court challenge to Roe v. Wade.

Presently, women in S. Dakota do not have the right to choose, even to terminate pregnancy incurred during rape or insest

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