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Bolton: Rude and Ineffective

Ambassador to the United Nation, John Bolton appeared before the senate foreign relations committee for his nominating hearing yesterday and, as only he can, showed complete and udder disregard for the process. He was despicably rude and short with the Democrats who tried desperately to maintain that “My concerns continue to relate to substance and not style, Mr. Ambassador.” by claiming “My objection is not that he is a bully, but that he is an ineffective bully,”. All the while Mr. Bolton could be seen doodling, fiddling with his pencil, leaning back in his chair, raping his fingers on the desk, rifling through papers, groaning, rolling his eyes or shaking his head. The contempt he held for the Democrats in positions of respect and power was the likes of which I have never seen before on the public stage. And this is the man we are sending to represent us to a world already unhappy with the rude and ambivalent nature of US foreign policy?

He was chosen by the Bush administration to offend the mores and upset the structure of the institution he once described as a rightful lapdog of the United States — “The United States makes the U.N. work when it wants to work.” He once famously said the U.N.’s New York headquarters could lose 10 floors without disruption. More than 30 of Bolton’s fellow ambassadors recently complained to the New York Times about his confrontational tactics and his flouting of diplomatic conventions. They did not criticize his policies as much as the arrogance of his ways. “He’s lost me as an ally now,” confided one ambassador, who was identified as having close ties to the Bush administration.

Bolton                                                                  The Sweedish Chef from The Muppets

July 28, 2006 - Posted by | Business and Economy

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