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Stop the violence NOW!

Abbas El-Zein writes a bias but nonetheless tragic Opinion on the current situation in Lebanon. The passage below struck a particular cord with me but the entire piece is worth a read.

More is at stake now than the fate of Lebanon. If the West does not persuade Israel to stop its attacks, that failure will add to a creeping sense that, in its fight with Islamic fundamentalism, the West has abandoned its claim to moral superiority based on respect for human rights and international law, and is pursuing instead a war based increasingly on tribal solidarity. What a tragedy this would be, especially for those of us who crave a modern, peaceful Middle East. And what a triumph for the varied strains of bin Ladenism — Muslim, Christian and Jewish alike.

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Doran sets the Record Straight on Global Warming

In an Op-Ed in today’s Times, Scientist Peter Doran vented his dismay at conservative commentators who took his January 2002 study of the Antarctic temperature out of context and used to to concluded that global warming was a fictitious theory. He sets the record straight…

Newspaper and television reports focused on this part of the paper. And many news and opinion writers linked our study with another bit of polar research published that month, in Science, showing that part of Antarctica’s ice sheet had been thickening — and erroneously concluded that the earth was not warming at all. “Scientific findings run counter to theory of global warming,” said a headline on an editorial in The San Diego Union-Tribune. One conservative commentator wrote, “It’s ironic that two studies suggesting that a new Ice Age may be under way may end the global warming debate.”

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Will Lieberman Take over for Rummy?

Juliette Kayyem thinks it’s a possibility.

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Matthews on Imus

As you may know, Imus (as only he can be) is taking a incredibly stupid stance on the CT primary for Lieberman. He’s taking the dumb position: ‘so what if he’s incredibly stupid on Iraq, the other stuff is good’. Matthews, in his brilliance, laid it out on the line the way it needs to be done. Here’s the video:

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Willington DTC: “either withdraw from the Democratic primary forthwith or pledge forthwith to support”

On July 25, 2006 at a special meeting, the Willington Democratic Town Committee passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS Connecticut Junior Senator Joseph Lieberman has announced his intention to run as a candidate of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, should the Senator lose next month’s Democratic primary and,

WHEREAS Senator Lieberman continues to ask for support from Willington members of the Democratic party,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Willington Democratic Town Committee hereby deplores the intended action by Senator Lieberman to run against the Democratic nominee for United States Senate, if that nominee is not Joe Lieberman and,

FURTHERMORE, The Willington Democratic Town Committee urges each Willington Democrat to contact Senator Lieberman and ask him to either withdraw from the Democratic primary forthwith or pledge forthwith to support, without obstruction, the choice of the Democratic Party voters on August 8.

Willington Democratic Town Committee, July 25, 2006

Mark Palmer Co-Chair
Robert Jellen Co-Chair
Kathleen Pacholski Vice-Chair

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