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Iraqi PM Paints Rosey Picture of War

Perhaps mindful of the negative response shown by Democrats and Republicans in Congress yesterday who do not agree with his stance on the Israeli-Lebanese conflict, Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki did not bother to mentioning it in his speech to a joint session this morning. Not only did he neglect the conflict, but he again failed to define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization when he spoke about Iraq being on “the front lines of the war on terror”.

His speech went on with no mention of the ongoing violence in Iraq and the constantly rising civilian death toll. Many Democrats are taking issue with his rosey depiction of the situation on the ground.

Meanwhile, in a press conference yesterday, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff seemed a bit unsure of our progress (or lack there of) in Iraq. When asked if we were winning in Iraq he stumbled for a good six seconds and blurted “I wont say we’re winning but we’re not losing”.

When will it be made clear to the American people that the war is turning into a serious civil war that we cannot controll. The only logical solution is to redeploy to and secure the boarders and let the Iraqis fight it out and provide the necessary tactical support. See John Murtha’s plan.

Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

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SoapBlox Transition

Dear Readers, will be changing its formatt any day yet.  It’ll  be the same blog but now with a My Left Wing & My Left Nutmeg style.  That means you, the readers, can post and rate diaries!  I hope this will boost the readership and make this a read community!  Start thinking about your first diary!


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Meet Ned Lamont

Attention CT Voters!  I will be hosting a Ned Lamont meet and greet event tonight at 6:30pm at 6 Clapboard Hill Rd in Westport CT!  Its a great opertunity to meet Ned and ask him any questions you may have in preparation for the upcoming August 8th primary!

Againt thats:

Tonight – Wednesday July 26th at 6:30pm

at 6 Clapboard Hill Rd in Westport CT (06880) 

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