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You may or may not have caught the President’s disgraceful speech to the NAACP yesterday.  He had been asked to speak at the annual meeting every year since his presidency began in 2000 and has succeeded in snubbing the group each time.  But having sunbed them already once this year (see Katrina) the president graced them with his presence.

He started off with some charming self deprecation which I found to be endearing and personable and then he launched off into noman’s land.  Instead of speaking to issues the black community wanted to hear about, he spent a good bulk of his time talking about Private School vouchers and the ban of the estate tax (only 59 African Americans would be affected by the tax).

Throughout the speech the president was heckled by the audiance who had come to hear him address issues facing the African American community.  You had to watch the exchange to know it took place because the heckling was transcribed on the White House website as “applause”.


July 21, 2006 - Posted by | Domestic Issues, Right Wing Deception


  1. Well, what do you expect them to write?

    Maybe “chatter” was more appropriate but imagine them writing heckling.

    Comment by Devil's Advocate | July 21, 2006 | Reply

  2. their were clearly audible exchanges, they could have transcribed it. The transcripts are for history, they shouldn’t be partisan. Anyone reading that 1000 years from now would think the president’s speach was very well recieved which it was not.

    Comment by chriscasey | July 22, 2006 | Reply

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