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AFL-CIO Reluctantly Supports Lieberman

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“I hope that after this is over, that we can get Joe Lieberman – all of us, even the ones who get along greatly with Joe – and beat the shit out of him”

“[Joe Lieberman] supports the worst boss this country has ever had: George Bush”

These were just some of the quotes from tonight’s AFL-CIO convention. Although Lieberman ended up receiving the endorsement he met a lot of resistance from Lamont supporters in the union: a sign that this endorsement may not carry as much weight as it has in the past.

Even his supporters touted his pathetic Rove-esq campaign slogan “You may not agree with me but at least you know where I stand”. Yeah, we know where you stand… on the WRONG side of the most important issue this election: the war in Iraq!

The Yeas and the Nays were so close, it could very well have been a split decision, if someone had challenged it.

After the vote, Mr. Olsen was asked whether the “nays,” which were not far below the “yeas” in volume, suggested that labor leaders were split over the endorsement, and he noted that no one had challenged the vote after it was completed.

The endorsement is set to expire after the August 8th primary when the AFL-CIO will likely endorse the Democratic Nominee (even if its not Lieberman).  This would be a huge blow to a potential move by Lieberman to run as an independent and give Lamont the nomination.

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June 28, 2006 - Posted by | Decision '06, The Progressive Movement

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