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Have an ‘Invonvenient’ Weekend

I know we usually do a Saturday open thread and then a 'Sunday Morning Talk Shows' thread but I have a busy weekend so I'm combining the two here.  If you have two hours to spare this weekend go see Al Gore's new film 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

I especially encourage those of you who believe the entire thing is a hoax by the left to ruin the economy. The film is very respectful of people who have been tricked into thinking that by the powerful big business. A statistic I never knew:

53% of mainstream articles pose doubt about the validity of Global Warming

0% of pear reviewed Science essays/reports show doubt about it's validity

Please go see it. I know the trailer makes it out to be this blockbuster documentary that plays to your emotions but I assure you the film is almost all raw science. Statistics, studies, photos, reports and graphs. That's it.

Enjoy your weekend.

June 2, 2006 Posted by | Factoid, The Environment | 8 Comments

Gov’t Wants Internet Companies to Hold User Records

The Justice Department has asked internet companies to keep, for at least 2 years, their customers' web usage histories, and may consider proposing a law to make to make the retention mandatory. While the attorney general argues the data would be used to find and prosecute terrorists and criminals trafficking in child pornography, privacy rights activists warn that the information could easily be misused. Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center, said, "Data retention is open-ended. The government is saying, 'Keep everything about everyone and we'll sort it out later.' "

June 2, 2006 Posted by | Civil Liberties | 1 Comment

Bush to Endorse Gay Marriage Ban

President Bush will reaffirm his support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on Monday, the day before the Senate holds a vote on the measure. Since the amendment is acknowledged to have no chance of passing—it may not get even 50 votes, let alone the necessary two-thirds—the vote is largely a symbolic gesture to the GOP’s most bigoted, mean-spirited wing. The religious right has recently been voicing its displeasure with the Republicans it helped vote to power, so many officials in that party are eager to get some last-minute pandering in before the November elections.

June 2, 2006 Posted by | Civil Liberties | 1 Comment