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In The News – May 31 2006

Dozier 'doin as well s expected'
CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier was "doing as well as can be expected" a day after being critically wounded in a roadside bomb attack that killed two colleagues, according to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. more…

FBI's shovels are empty in Hoffa hunt
They threw everything they had at the search — anthropologists, archaeologists, forensic experts, cadaver dogs, a demolition company even razed a horse barn — but after two weeks of digging, the FBI announced Tuesday it had found only a beer can in its futile search for Jimmy Hoffa. more…

D.C. corruption probe heats up
June 5, 2006 issue – During World War II, the Royal Hawaiian, a grand pink palace on Waikiki Beach, was reserved mainly for officers and men in the U.S. Navy's Submarine Service. It was understood that the sailors who took the greatest risks—about a quarter of the submariners never came back—deserved to be pampered while they waited to go back out on war patrols. More recently, the most frequent guest in the Royal Hawaiian's tony King Kamehameha Suite was a man with close ties to the military who also took risks, though of a different kind. more…

Justice makes concession in Jefferson raid
Justice Department lawyers said today it will make another concession to Congressman William Jefferson, D-LA, in the fight over the search of Jefferson's Capitol Hill office. more…

Muhammad found guilty in second sniper trial
John Allen Muhammad was convicted of six of the Washington-area sniper killings Tuesday after the prosecution’s star witness, Muhammad’s young protégé, portrayed him as the mastermind of an audacious terror scheme in which phase two would have been bombings against children. more…

U.S. joins relief effort after Indonesia quake
U.S. Marines joined an international effort Tuesday to deliver aid and medical equipment to some 200,000 Indonesians left homeless by a devastating earthquake, as hopes faded of finding more survivors. more…

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