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Memorial Day

When you think of Memorial Day you think of barbeques on the lawn, swimming, parades, fairs and family. Granted, all these things are great, but they are not reflective of the point of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is set aside for us to honor the men and women who have died fighting for this country. For me, its about thanking them for dropping their lives to answer their president’s call to protect our nation and for mourning the 2464 lives lost in Iraq because the president that called them has no concept of loss.

This administration has done an incredible job making us forget a war is going on. There has been no sacrifice, no photos of coffins, no admission of loss, no nothing. Instead of laying the wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier today, maybe Mr. Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld (who has never attended a single army funeral) should visit the graves of those who died in Iraq.

I hope we can all take one minute at 3:00pm today to stay silent and remember the fallen. That is the spirit of Memorial Day.


May 29, 2006 - Posted by | National Defence

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