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DFA Supports Lamont

Lamont’s recent victory at the CT democratic nominating convention has resulted in an uproar of publicity to the CT senate race and the endorsement of Democracy For America, a group dedicated to social progress, fiscal responsibility and grassroots activism: all keystones of the Lamont campaign.

Today, Democracy For America enthusiastically endorsed Ned Lamont in his run for United States Senate against incumbent Joseph Lieberman. Lamont surprised the pundits and Senator Lieberman with a strong showing at the Connecticut Democratic Party Convention on Friday and earned a spot on the primary ballot. The primary will be August 8.
“Ned Lamont has been loud and clear about America’s position in Iraq and world affairs, one of the most important concerns for voters,” said Jim Dean, Chair for Democracy for America. “Senator Lieberman has been a broken record supporting broken policies.”

Democracy for America will help raise money, media, and volunteers for Lamont’s campaign from across the nation.

Help DFA meet goal today!

Read“Joe Lieberman: George Bush’s Favorite Democrat?”on Blog For America, the DFA blog.


May 23, 2006 - Posted by | Decision '06, The Progressive Movement

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