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Al Gore: Savior?

Rewind back to December of 2000, who was Al Gore? A pathetic loser, drowning in self pity. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared. Gone from the public eye for a whopping six years.

Sure, every once in a while his name would pop up on the cable news crawl saying something about his environmental work or his son’s near fatal car crash. But as far as the American people were concerned, the man they had elected president was no more.

The cover story of the latest issue of New York Magazine equates his treatment after the election with political exile. He went to live in Texas where he maintained a very low profile.

Snap back to 2006 and Al Gore is suddenly the hottest thing since buttered toast! Riding the wave of his new documentary feature, An Inconvenient Truth (which depicts the effects of global warming), Gore has been welcomed back into the mainstream as a fallen hero on the rise.

Now there is talk of a Gore run in 2008, an idea that I thought brilliant from the first time I heard it. Its so obvious…

Gore is incredibly savvy on energy conservation, the technology of efficiency, the environment, the economy and even defense (in terms of peace). And on top of that he has already won one presidential election already! He is a man with nothing to loose, not afraid to speak his mind and be the maverick he couldn’t be in 2000. Now is the time for him to run and many say he is the only one who could stop a Clinton candidacy in ’08.

I’m keeping my eye on Mr. Gore. He wants to be president but he doesn’t want to run.


May 23, 2006 - Posted by | Decision '08

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  1. I’m hoping for a Gore run myself. I don’t have a problem with hillary but she has already lost. Running her now would be suicide for the Dems in ’08. Now that you mention it, Gore is the only person I could think of who has a fighting chance in the ’08 run. He’s got my vote!

    Comment by Tom | May 25, 2006 | Reply

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