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You Know It’s an Election Year When…

Today’s Kos Diary

Have you ever read a tiny article in the back of some film magazine announcing the production of some movie and then three years later its the highest grossing movie phenomenon of the era? That’s how a progressive feels every day (just substitute the movie for a major public scandal).

It’s hard as a progressive not to get ‘i told you so’ syndrome. Below is a perfect example. How long have voices on the liberal “fringes” been talking about the billions and billions of dollars being squandered in no-bid contracts and poor allocation in Iraq? How many bloggers have “whined” about Halliburton bus drivers being paid more then U.S. military men who brave the battle field each day with inadequate armor and weaponry?

Well finally, years later, its coming into the public forum. Of course it takes an election year with a incredibly unpopular president for republicans to sign on to this but its better late then never.

WASHINGTON — Two House Republicans have agreed to cosponsor a landmark proposal to create a special House committee to investigate Iraq war spending, joining Democrats in demanding more accountability for billions of dollars that allegedly have been misspent, according to lawmakers and congressional aides.
The stalled proposal to create a modern-day ”Truman Committee” — modeled after the oversight board run by then-Senator Harry Truman to root out contracting abuses during World War II — has been blocked from consideration by GOP leaders for more than a year.

But after new reports about malfeasance involving reconstruction contracts in Iraq, the bill for the first time has begun to attract the support of rank-and-file Republicans.(

April 6, 2006 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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