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Unbelievable, Tom DeLay just spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and told him he will withdraw from the 2006 Congressional race tomorrow morning.  He says he does not think he can “reverse the trend” of anti-DeLay voters.  He decided it is too important to have a Republican in the Texas seat and he does not want to risk losing it to the Democrats.  

Personally, I was looking forward to beating DeLay in Texas but I suppose it will be just as gratifying to beat his replacement.  One down.

Update: DeLay apparently believes he can more easily lead the Republican Party from outside the congress! Is he serious or is he just covering for the fact that he knows there is no way he can juggle his bleak trial and bleak political campaign. In either case, he is sure that any other republican could simply “Walk into the seat”. I am scared he may be right

UPDATE II: When Washington Post reporter Mike Allen asked DeLay if he thought his actions were unethical he started to answer, stopped himself and said “We are all sinners”.

April 3, 2006 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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