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Majority Rule

By Chris Casey

Its funny, the little things you learn when chatting with a Hill staffer. Yesterday I was sitting in the minority office of the House Judiciary Committee office, chatting with a senior staffer for Representative John Conyers about a myriad of issues. Eventually the discussion came to a report that was released by his office last December called Constitution In Crisis about the proof of foul play in the lead up and execution of the Iraq war (its basically a precursor to an Impeachment trial that will take place if Democrats win back the house majority in 2006). The staffer went over to his desk and retrieved a bound copy of the report, printed in the traditional style, with the seal of the House on the red and blue cover. I asked him if he had an extra copy that I could take and his reply surprised me and inspired this post.

He said he only had one printed copy because the Republicans controlled the only color printer in the House and they wouldn’t let the Democrats use it. I was shocked. He went on. “Oh yeah, they control everything. Even paperclips and pencils”.

It just goes to show you how much power the majority party has over what gets done and what doesn’t get done in the US Congress. The Democrat’s inability to print the report resulted in its undetectable release and its virtual nonexistent in the main stream media.

In congress, the majority party is king.


March 17, 2006 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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