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Not Dead Yet on Scarborough

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the Special 2 hour edition of Scarborough Country as part of the MSNBC “Faith in America” theme (liberal media by ass).

On it was a spokeswoman for a group known as “Not Dead Yet“, a group that advocates for the rights of permanently disabled people. Earlier that day, members of NDY wheeled up to the Hospice where Terri Schaivo was being treated, got out of their chairs, and sat on the floor.

The spokesperson was completely incoherent! Unfortunately the transcript is not yet available and because I wanted to get this post up ASAP I can’t actually quote from the program but I will try to recreate it.

The woman basically talked for fifteen minutes about how all disabled people are all alike and how removing Schiavo’s feeding tube is like killing a person in a wheel chair or a blind person. She was completely irrational.

I will link to the transcript as soon as it goes up but it was pretty ridicules.

Addition – Here are the Transcripts

Well, we came and had a press conference and did a demonstration where we went in front of the hospice and we all got out of our wheelchairs, because we wanted to show the public that we‘re just people, people with disabilities, we shouldn‘t be defined by our chair, and Terri shouldn‘t be defined by her tube.  We‘re just people with disabilities, and we have value as that. 

She is a disabled woman.  She is not dead yet.  That‘s what we are.  And we‘re here for her.  We‘re here for the world to know that it is not OK to starve disabled people to death. 

It happens thousands a day.  It‘s all over the country, every day I open my e-mail, I see a story of a disabled person who was starved, who was shot, who was killed.  And it‘s always written out as OK, because they have suffered enough.  I‘m not suffering.

You know, I get out of my car.  That‘s a normal thing.  I want the public to see that.  I‘m a normal person.  I can get out of my chair, it‘s not a big deal.  And we want people to know that.  Terri having a tube to eat is not a big deal. 

Read the Full Transcript


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Operation Mislead America: Terri Schiavo Case

The GOP did not only mislead the American people, they misled the Schindler family.

Early Monday morning, after President Bush signed the Schiavo bill, Bob Schindler was positively beaming in front of the television cameras. He said he walked into his daughter’s hospice room and told her, ‘We had to wake the President up to save your life.’
(Majority Report)

But Tom DeLay nor “Dr.” Bill Frist told the Schindler’s that the legislation they rushed to pass simply move the debate to the federal courts. It did not order the re-insertion of the feeding tube.

The federal courts are not overruling the legislation, they are simply ruling that the tube should not be reinserted.

The Schindlers and the American people think that the GOP pushed legislation that would foce the Hospis to reinsert the feeding tube but that is not within their power. They have no problem allowing people to think that they did but it is not the case.

If the Schindlers were told this then maybe they wouldn’t have been so happy Monday morning.

‘If Congress meant to give the federal courts the power to let her die…’ says the Schindler’s filing, then passing the law ‘would be little more than a cruel hoax.’
(Majority Report)

Addition: My theory: the Schindlers like the attention. Every three seconds Mr. Schindler is out in front of the Hospis speaking to the crowd and talking to the press. They’ve gotten caught up in their “rolls” in the movie the MSM has made of this family matter. Just like every high profile case beofre it, the Schaivo case has it’s players who are all starting to act out their parts.

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I Hate Joe Liberman

This morning on Meet The Press Joe Liberman praised the actions of the GOP.

I know none of the Democrats are coming forward against the GOP violation of the constitution (which is anoying) but only Liberman is actualy PRAISING it. Sick.

I think Liberman and Miller should start a “Republican Democrats Club”… or…


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GOP Crucade “Bites the Dust”

The Schaivo case was brought to the headlines by Tom DeLay in an effort to distract people from his ethics hearings.

Fortunatly the case backfired and no one ended up sympathizing with the GOP and their quest to “save” Terri Schiavo (despite the conservative rhetoric of the MSM)

Open Thread: Comment about the media’s coverage of the Schaivo case and weather or not the GOP is better for having brought it up.

happy holidays

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New Poll

New poll straight from My DD

Here are the results from the last poll:

If your daughter was Terri Schiavo would you:

20% – Keep Her on Life Support
73.33% – Discontinue Life Support
0% Leave it to Tome DeLay
6.67% – Leave it to Bono

Vote Now

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Schindlers Will Not Appeal

The attorney for the Schindler family announced just fifteen minutes ago that they will not be appealing to the federal appeals court after their most recent loss.  This action marks the end of the federal legal battle.

This “Flash News”, as MSNBC calls it, has really given insite to the conservative bias of even the most “liberal” news station.

Terms like “courts refuse to save Terri Schaivo” and “ruling against Terri Schiavo”.  Its like the courts are ruling not to save her instead of ruling not to reinsert her feeding tube.

 The latest appeal could end in nothing but a loss.  The attorney for the Schindlers claims she told Terri to say she wanted to live and Terri let out a loud “aaaaa” and a “waaaa”.

This claim is being convieniently mentioned now even though it reportedly happened eight days ago.

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Beyond the Front Page

As we approach the end of the first week of Terri Schaivo’s invasion of the front page, it is important that we pay attention to the issues that got bumped off to make room for the oversize “Fight to Save Schaivo Rages On” headline.

The most worthy story of the day: The Administrative Review Boards being held in Guantanamo Bay military base this week. After a ruling by the Supreme Court earlier this year mandating the Guantanomo prisoners be allowed to challenge their detainment, the military officials established their solutions.

Over 500 Guantanamo detainees will be pleading their case in these Board sessions. The board will then decide weather or not they have been detained for a reason or if they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The trials are too late and too unfair. Similar trials were held earlier this year:

During that set of hearings, 33 out of 558 detainees were deemed to have been improperly labeled enemy combatants. And about 5 of those 33 have been released, military officials said, because of difficulties in making arrangements to have them transferred to their home countries.
(New York Times)

This trials are no better. A lot of the times the detainees aren’t even allowed to hear the case against them.

The prisoner never heard some of the evidence against him because it was deemed classified and was given to the court in secret.
(New York Times)

The whole thing is completely outrageous. Many innocent people are being locked away in the worst of conditions for no reason. People appealing to the board are not allowed to meet or be represented by a lawyer.

The treatment of prisoners in this camp is a complete outrage. THIS should be on the front page. This is a disgrace.

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Setting the Record Straight

Okay, CNN published the below poll which completly misrepresents the results. CNN has come out with an apology and released a more accurate poll but the confusion has only been addressed on their website, not their network. I thought it was only right that I do my small part and post the correction. In honor of ethical journalism, here is the CNN blunder:

Here’s the correction:

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Red Lake: NOT Another Columbine

As most know by now, a school shooting took place in Red Lake Minn. on Monday. Im not going to regurgitate the facts and statistics of the case, that is what the MM is for. No, I just want to promote the idea that this should not, nay, CANNOT become another Columbine. After the Columbine shooting, the media hit their viewers/readers/listeners in the face with fear. “No School is Safe”, “How Safe is Your School?” and “Can Your Children be Trusted” were the types of headlines that did and continue to spew out of the MM whenever Columbine is brought up.

In reality, schools across America are safer than they’ve ever been. There is a much high chance that a child will be hurt in a case of domestic abuse or gang violence than within the confines of a school. There is no need for every school in the country to get X-Ray security and armed guards. Instead, we should focus more on what REALLY caused this tragedy. Lets look at the circumstances:

Before the tragedy, Jeff Wise was a lost child and no one cared to pay attention. His mother was in the hospital with brain damage, his father had committed suicide years earlier, he looked up to Adolph Hitler and joked about how fun it would be to “shoot up a school”.

Meanwhile, he was attending the lowest scoring high school in the state and living in the isolated confines of a huge Indian reserve with only about 5000 residents.

With teachers too busy trying to fix his or her schools academic problems without the money the needed to pay attention to each student, and with no guidance or support at home, Jeff Wise (an already troubled kid) just got worse.

We don’t need to step up school security, we need to step up school funding, get more and better teachers who can pay attention to the needs of each student. We need medical insurance to cover counseling sessions for victims of post tragic stress disorder, but most of all, we have to stop blaming the trench coats and the music and the video games, and start looking at the real problem.

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