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Bolton needs to Bolt

Who out there thinks that a man who while serving as senior arms control officer at the State Department has according to 59 different (Republicans and Democrats) diplomats been declared to have an “exceptional record of opposing U.S. efforts to improve national security through arms control” should be appointed ambassador to the U.N.? By the way I just described Bush’s choice to serve as UN ambassador, John Bolton. Wait…there’s more, he also doesn’t like the UN! And the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, possible 2008 Republican candidate Richard Lugar stands strongly opposed to his nomination. What does Bush have to say? Well we’re not quite sure, but I bet he’d say John Bolton “is a good man who supports democracy.” Condi made public remarks saying, that Bolton is “a tough-minded diplomat” and has “a proven track record of effective multilateralism.”…check out this article for more of Bolton’s inabilities…

This administration goes further and further every day to put in place people with no or improper credentials to top government jobs, I ask you where does it end?

March 30, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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