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The US needs not let self-interest dictate policy when genocide is of concern

Facing the big question of where to actually try war criminals for the conflict in the western, Darfur region of the Sudan, the UN has still remained quiet on the issue. The US opposes using the International Criminal Court at the Hague to prosecute Janjaweed and government leaders responsible for what former Secretary of State Colin Powell legally defined as a “genocide” because they fear the tides would be turned to prosecute Americans guilty of international crimes and, in some cases, Americans prosecuted for political reasons.

Though no new developments have been made in Darfur, the UN did pass a resolution that would send 10,000 troops to southern Sudan to help stabilize the post-war region.

According to the State Department, as Saudi oil sources are running dry, American dependency on African oil is going to almost double by 2010. If genocide won’t get us to pay attention, maybe oil will.

I like the gesture and the intentions. But I will say it again: we cannot – we must not – let another Rwanda happen before our own eyes. Americans have a tendency to forget Africa or express dangerous apathy. The continent of Africa is not comprised of only failed states and AIDS ravaged populations but great natural resources just waiting for diversification and use.

70,000 people are dead but US self-interest in interfering in stopping genocide. We’re hindering actual process with our self-concerned self-absorbtion. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in self-interest, but I think it is time to brush it aside.

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