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I need not remind you that Tom DeLay pulled the plug on his dying father. Just thought you should know.


March 28, 2005 Posted by | The Progressive Movement | 6 Comments

Not Dead Yet on Scarborough

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the Special 2 hour edition of Scarborough Country as part of the MSNBC “Faith in America” theme (liberal media by ass).

On it was a spokeswoman for a group known as “Not Dead Yet“, a group that advocates for the rights of permanently disabled people. Earlier that day, members of NDY wheeled up to the Hospice where Terri Schaivo was being treated, got out of their chairs, and sat on the floor.

The spokesperson was completely incoherent! Unfortunately the transcript is not yet available and because I wanted to get this post up ASAP I can’t actually quote from the program but I will try to recreate it.

The woman basically talked for fifteen minutes about how all disabled people are all alike and how removing Schiavo’s feeding tube is like killing a person in a wheel chair or a blind person. She was completely irrational.

I will link to the transcript as soon as it goes up but it was pretty ridicules.

Addition – Here are the Transcripts

Well, we came and had a press conference and did a demonstration where we went in front of the hospice and we all got out of our wheelchairs, because we wanted to show the public that we‘re just people, people with disabilities, we shouldn‘t be defined by our chair, and Terri shouldn‘t be defined by her tube.  We‘re just people with disabilities, and we have value as that. 

She is a disabled woman.  She is not dead yet.  That‘s what we are.  And we‘re here for her.  We‘re here for the world to know that it is not OK to starve disabled people to death. 

It happens thousands a day.  It‘s all over the country, every day I open my e-mail, I see a story of a disabled person who was starved, who was shot, who was killed.  And it‘s always written out as OK, because they have suffered enough.  I‘m not suffering.

You know, I get out of my car.  That‘s a normal thing.  I want the public to see that.  I‘m a normal person.  I can get out of my chair, it‘s not a big deal.  And we want people to know that.  Terri having a tube to eat is not a big deal. 

Read the Full Transcript

March 28, 2005 Posted by | The Progressive Movement | 3 Comments