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Schindlers Will Not Appeal

The attorney for the Schindler family announced just fifteen minutes ago that they will not be appealing to the federal appeals court after their most recent loss.  This action marks the end of the federal legal battle.

This “Flash News”, as MSNBC calls it, has really given insite to the conservative bias of even the most “liberal” news station.

Terms like “courts refuse to save Terri Schaivo” and “ruling against Terri Schiavo”.  Its like the courts are ruling not to save her instead of ruling not to reinsert her feeding tube.

 The latest appeal could end in nothing but a loss.  The attorney for the Schindlers claims she told Terri to say she wanted to live and Terri let out a loud “aaaaa” and a “waaaa”.

This claim is being convieniently mentioned now even though it reportedly happened eight days ago.


March 26, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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