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Red Lake: NOT Another Columbine

As most know by now, a school shooting took place in Red Lake Minn. on Monday. Im not going to regurgitate the facts and statistics of the case, that is what the MM is for. No, I just want to promote the idea that this should not, nay, CANNOT become another Columbine. After the Columbine shooting, the media hit their viewers/readers/listeners in the face with fear. “No School is Safe”, “How Safe is Your School?” and “Can Your Children be Trusted” were the types of headlines that did and continue to spew out of the MM whenever Columbine is brought up.

In reality, schools across America are safer than they’ve ever been. There is a much high chance that a child will be hurt in a case of domestic abuse or gang violence than within the confines of a school. There is no need for every school in the country to get X-Ray security and armed guards. Instead, we should focus more on what REALLY caused this tragedy. Lets look at the circumstances:

Before the tragedy, Jeff Wise was a lost child and no one cared to pay attention. His mother was in the hospital with brain damage, his father had committed suicide years earlier, he looked up to Adolph Hitler and joked about how fun it would be to “shoot up a school”.

Meanwhile, he was attending the lowest scoring high school in the state and living in the isolated confines of a huge Indian reserve with only about 5000 residents.

With teachers too busy trying to fix his or her schools academic problems without the money the needed to pay attention to each student, and with no guidance or support at home, Jeff Wise (an already troubled kid) just got worse.

We don’t need to step up school security, we need to step up school funding, get more and better teachers who can pay attention to the needs of each student. We need medical insurance to cover counseling sessions for victims of post tragic stress disorder, but most of all, we have to stop blaming the trench coats and the music and the video games, and start looking at the real problem.

March 23, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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