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Under Bush, a new age of prepackaged news

I encourage all of you to read this article. It’s a little bit long but definitely a worthy read. It will given you an insight to one of the most disengenuous forms of manipulation used by the government – their manipulation of the media.

Please remember, when our founding fathers established our government, they fully intended to check the power of the masses. Hamilton, more than any other, was skeptical of the the general public and felt that only the elite should rule. Jefferson argued Hamilton incessantly over this point but even Jefferson only felt that a well-informed public was fit to rule. When the media is the most ubiquitous means of informing the people, it is important that a level of journalistic integrity take precedent over all.

In this age of inundation by editorialized media, what is news? There is no such thing as the “no spin zone” or a “fair and balanced” media. Instead we have “covert propaganda” and Jack Propagannon. Trust me, I’m not blaming the left or the right for this one. It just seems that the stigma of the liberal media is incorrect today more than ever.

Go read. You might learn something you didn’t already know.


March 12, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement


  1. The Government has always used the media to gets its message across. I feel it is more noticeable today than in the past, even though its use might be wider. For evidence of this, look at the old Disney Cartoons of the WW2 era. Bugs Bunny and Popeye fought the Germans and the Japanese, in a very condescending manner. Today’s media is much more able to be both manipulated, and unbiased, at the same time. Most of this, like always, depends on the individual agenda of the journalist or reporter involved. This has always been the case, but I feel that just recently the majority of the public has come to realize this, as the pool of news sources grows wider and wider, the ease to compare the views between them becomes easier and easier. After all, when you can compare how the same story is reported by 100 sources, rather than 3 or 4, it is far easier to draw your own conclusion, and then compare it to the others, and see the different angles used, than it has ever been before. As such, the ability of the public to tell when a story is being biased by one view or another, seems to be a lot easier to do, for those that are interested in doing so. Also, the integrity of the MSM reporters has dropped significantly, when Cronkite said something, the US public believed it, can the same be said of any leading anchor today? This is one of the reasons that the MSM is so troubled by the blog explosion, as for the first time, the public at large is now able to easily check the story, and call into question the way it was presented, and the ability of the MSM to promote their personal and governmental agendas has become harder and harder for all sides, as the public now has to ability to see for itself the slant given to any given story.

    Comment by ÐÇRøçk§ | March 14, 2005 | Reply

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