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Over 70,000 dead in Darfur.

Despite having the largest GNP in the world, the United States is still the least generous of the top industrialized nations. We give only .14% of our annual GDP, weak comapred to the efforts of countries like Denmark, for example, who give around 8%.

So what is the product of our still-present isolationistic tendencies? Problems continue and we don’t address them adequately. For example, over 70,000 are dead in just the Darfur region of the Sudan. Citing preventable disease as the largest reason for the death toll, UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland declared this staggering number to be a too-small estimate

Egeland said that the 70,000 figure was released when there were 1 million internally displaced people in Darfur, but that number has now doubled to some 2 million. As the number of people who have fled increases, the number who die of malnutrition or a host of other reasons also goes up, he said.

I would hope that Americans have learned from the mistakes of Rwanda, but we have not. Knowing of the power of Islamic extremism, I hope that the US would smarten up and increase its role in Africa, where it can prevent terrorism, instead of post-facto manhunts for extremist leaders already in power. Mostly, I would think that the US would increase its involvement in Africa for the same reason we found rationale in Iraq: OIL. At a meeting with the State Department two weeks ago, senior policy planning staffer Erica Barks-Ruggles informed me that US dependency on Guinean Gulf oil is going to almost double by 2010. Instead, we continue to sit back and ignore the Sudan.

These 70,000 lives do not include the Sudanese civil war between the Christians and Muslims, a microcosm of an African issue potentially more damaging than AIDs. 70,000 people is seven times the population than the town in which I live. And I am not complacent with inaction.



March 12, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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