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Terri Schiavo

My deepest condolences to the Schiavo family…To respect them, let this politically motivated Christian Fundamentalist right-wing inspired war end

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Schiavo Has Passed on

Terrri Schiavo died three hours ago.

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Suprise Suprise

Its 11:46 and the US Supreme Court rejected the appeal from the schindlers to reinsert Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube. Didn’t see that coming…


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Bush on Iraq

” [Iraqi differences] will be resolved through debate and persuasion instead of force and intimidation…The free people of Iraq are now doing what Saddam Hussein never could: making Iraq a positive example for the entire Middle East.”

What are insurgents and daily violence again? Seems the Commander in Chief forgot, or just isn’t reading the paper since there are no papers conservative enough for him.

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Bolton needs to Bolt

Who out there thinks that a man who while serving as senior arms control officer at the State Department has according to 59 different (Republicans and Democrats) diplomats been declared to have an “exceptional record of opposing U.S. efforts to improve national security through arms control” should be appointed ambassador to the U.N.? By the way I just described Bush’s choice to serve as UN ambassador, John Bolton. Wait…there’s more, he also doesn’t like the UN! And the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, possible 2008 Republican candidate Richard Lugar stands strongly opposed to his nomination. What does Bush have to say? Well we’re not quite sure, but I bet he’d say John Bolton “is a good man who supports democracy.” Condi made public remarks saying, that Bolton is “a tough-minded diplomat” and has “a proven track record of effective multilateralism.”…check out this article for more of Bolton’s inabilities…

This administration goes further and further every day to put in place people with no or improper credentials to top government jobs, I ask you where does it end?

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Another Appeal!

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think its good that it was the courts rather than the congress who appealed the decision but I think it is kind of silly that they are going to ad another court decision to the already long list. I think the fact that the courts are reconsidering shows how great this country is. I don’t agree with the decision, I think at this point we should just let Schiavo pass peacfully with forcing a feeding tube back into her body; but nonetheless, I’m glad to see that the power of protest is still efective.

But then again, the proteters are in a very small minority and are using rather sick forms of protest (taping their children’s mouth closed). I don’t know abotu this.

It doesn’t really matter because there is no way the 11th Circut Court will overturn the decision. I don’t think it’s fair to give the Schindlers and all those crazy pro-life people false hope.

Ahhhhh! I’m just sick of this.

openthread: what do you think about the decision to hear the Schiavo case AGAIN!?

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Are You Ready For This?

Get Ready, Get Set, becase the fastest growing blog for Progressive Youth is going on the air!

Look for the new Liberal Youth podcast. Coming Soon.

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The US needs not let self-interest dictate policy when genocide is of concern

Facing the big question of where to actually try war criminals for the conflict in the western, Darfur region of the Sudan, the UN has still remained quiet on the issue. The US opposes using the International Criminal Court at the Hague to prosecute Janjaweed and government leaders responsible for what former Secretary of State Colin Powell legally defined as a “genocide” because they fear the tides would be turned to prosecute Americans guilty of international crimes and, in some cases, Americans prosecuted for political reasons.

Though no new developments have been made in Darfur, the UN did pass a resolution that would send 10,000 troops to southern Sudan to help stabilize the post-war region.

According to the State Department, as Saudi oil sources are running dry, American dependency on African oil is going to almost double by 2010. If genocide won’t get us to pay attention, maybe oil will.

I like the gesture and the intentions. But I will say it again: we cannot – we must not – let another Rwanda happen before our own eyes. Americans have a tendency to forget Africa or express dangerous apathy. The continent of Africa is not comprised of only failed states and AIDS ravaged populations but great natural resources just waiting for diversification and use.

70,000 people are dead but US self-interest in interfering in stopping genocide. We’re hindering actual process with our self-concerned self-absorbtion. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in self-interest, but I think it is time to brush it aside.

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Thursday on HBO


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News Flash

I need not remind you that Tom DeLay pulled the plug on his dying father. Just thought you should know.

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