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Exciting things have been happening in Israel lately. New Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas has been taking significant strides with the support of Egypt and Jordan. And while the Bush administration seemed to completely abandon the efforts of the Clinton administration to further the Middle East peace process, it seems that Ariel Sharon and Abbas have been doing pretty well on their own.

This cease-fire – though officials of both sides have been careful not to use such certain terms – effectively ends the four-year, low intensity war called the intifada. According to Sharon, this will be the start of a “new path” to “disengage from the path of blood.”

But the tone is wary, granted the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and its tenuous past treaties.

“One can only have a cease-fire with a state or authority that controls security,” a senior Israeli official cautioned here today. “You can’t have a cease-fire with armed terrorist groups, because you give them a veto over peace. What we have today is a cessation of violence, and it can become something more if Abbas moves to crack down.”

Without the support of guerilla militant groups, peace is just a specter. Though it does seem that Abbas is determined to move forward, he needs the support of groups he may not be able to control. The symbolism of this cannot be overstated but the prospect of its actual effectiveness renders me dubious at best.


February 8, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement

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  1. One of the reasons the Bush administration was not more active before is their refusal to work with a KNOWN terrorist, Arafat. Now that Abbas is elected, there is someone on the Palestine side with whom the US can work. Arafat was a terrorist as much as Osama is, he simply lasted long enough to wear down the liberals of the world and they awarded him with creditability. He was one of the biggest obstacles to peace in the region, as these current peace talks clearly show.

    Comment by ÐÇRøçk§ | February 9, 2005 | Reply

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