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prop·a·gan·da n.
Material disseminated by the advocates or
opponents of a doctrine or cause.

I was truly astounded after reading this article. Apparently, the Bush administration has taken upon itself the liberty to reallocate some of the focus of our nation’s defense department towards the publishing of information that supports Bush policy.

The Defense Department has created two web sites, with a third in the works, that offer information to two major international areas: the Balkan region in Europe, and the Maghreb region in North Africa. The purpose of these web sites is to report on American “sports, politics, and entertainment” in an effort to, as the Pentagon has claimed, counter misinformation.

Okay, sounds only somewhat scary so far. Now add on the fact that the web sites are run by “U.S. military troops trained in ‘information warfare,’ a specialty than can include battlefield deception.” Sure, they’re claiming all information is true and accurate. But it’s selective reporting by masters of deception!

Using the terror-alert colored ladder of importance, you’ve probably now gone from the blue to the yellow. Well let’s add on another uh-oh: the web sites are designed to look like real, separate news organizations!

So we’re hitting orange now. Well we’ve got one more surprise for you! Their fake public news web sites only show their close connection to the government when a visitor clicks a small link at the bottom of a page. By clicking that link, a visitor is taken to a disclaimer. But they’re not gonna give up that easily; “[the] disclaimer… says, in part, that the site is “sponsored by” the U.S. Department of Defense.” ‘Sponsored by’. Not owned, created, and operated by, but ‘sponsored’ by.

I guess spreading our government didn’t seem to do the trick, so we have to make up for it by looking good.


February 4, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement


  1. I can no longer read this blog anymore.

    Goodbye it was fun.

    Comment by rwa2 | February 4, 2005 | Reply

  2. what, why not?

    Comment by chris | February 4, 2005 | Reply

  3. Oh, well please feel free, on your way out, to leave a plug for your site…

    Comment by Stephen DK | February 4, 2005 | Reply

  4. The only problem I could have with this is if I was unable to tell it was being run by the US Dept Of Defense. As long as I knew that was the case, I see no issue with the US military using propgana for our cause. It IS needed. And since I have endless amounts of other resources, this sort of thing bothers me very little. Now, if they started shutting down oposing views, I would be concerned, but otherwise, this is a non issue to me. They Navy, Army and others have put out propagana forever, this is neither new, or unexpected. Think back to the old free Europe Radio broadcasts.

    Comment by ÐÇRøçk§ | February 5, 2005 | Reply

  5. In my opinion, journalism should be left up to the journalists. And if they’re not doing their job, the government shouldn’t take over!

    They’re trying to pass off their propaganda as authentic news. And that’s not right. Period.

    Comment by Stephen DK | February 5, 2005 | Reply

  6. What defines “authentic news”? If you argue that it should be unbiased and without any political sway, I will only say that it is people like you that are lowering American standards. Just a personal opinion.

    Comment by Justin M. | February 7, 2005 | Reply

  7. Yes, “authentic news” is open to interpretation. But I think–I *hope*–we can agree that government-operated web sites won’t be publishing WHATEVER your interpretation of authentic news is.

    Comment by Stephen DK | February 7, 2005 | Reply

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