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Iraqi Elections

This Sunday, elections to appoint a National Assembly in Iraq allegedly went off without a hitch. Well, almost.

According to Aljazeera:

about eight million Iraqis cast their ballots in the country’s election that was held on Sunday, nearly 60 percent of those registered, with a low turnout in many Sunni strongholds.

The low turnout in the Sunni triangle was due mostly to Sunni insurgencies who, in an attempt to invalidate the election results, threatened potential Sunni voters, destroyed polling areas and intimidated polling officials into closing the polls in many Sunni areas. In areas where the polls were not closed, the potential for violence against Sunni voters (which stuck out to insurgence like soar thumbs (literally) because of the purple die placed on the fingers of voters used by election officials to stop people from voting multiple times) alone was enough, to intimidate, in some cases, all but one or two citizens out of voting.

What does this mean? Well, it means one of two things. Either a) the elction results will not be authorized; an unlikly solution given the recent bragging of the Bush administration. or b) the results will be authorized, a mostly Shia assembly will elect a Shia prime minister and the Sunis will attempt to break away from Iraq which will result in civil war.

Either way, although I hate to admit it, the sucess of the elections in Iraq is good news to Americans. Bush did not want to start pulling out untill some sucess has been achieved to mask the fact that the entire Iraqi invasion was a huge error. Now that the happy results of the Election are in the news, I predict President Bush will sieze the moment to pull some troops out with his head held high as apposed to hung in shame.

Source: Aljazeera – Iraqi President wants the U.S. occupation to remain


February 1, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement


  1. good reporting, iffy conclusions…

    of *course* there was going to be violence! these people celebrate birthdays with violence! okay, so I exaggerate, but the point is that everyone knew to expect violence. Do you think these militant fundamentalist groups would just sit back and have their power taken away from them after hundreds of years where they were in charge? The conclusion is that they weren’t successful and suffered a huge blow; the elections were carried out anyways–and with an approximately equal percent turnout, I might add, to our elections*! This is impressive for many reasons, all of which I’m sure you’re aware of. Fear of the Sunnis has diminished significantly since they can’t even, in a manner of speaking, keep hold of their own turf.

    In addition, I was wondering… which is it you’d rather have: U.S. troops being pulled out, or kept there? It seems as though liberals, in general, are always wishing for troops to be taken out of Iraq, what with the constant reminders of the increasing death toll of our soldiers. Yet you seem to favor keeping our soldiers there…

    *Source of voter turnout, 2004:

    Comment by AVoiceofReason | February 1, 2005 | Reply

  2. No, I would like them out as soon as possible but I believe in finishing what you start. We can’t leave Iraq in a more dangerous situation than they were in before the invasion… i mean liberation.

    Comment by chris | February 1, 2005 | Reply

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