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Iraq: Over 115 Dead

A car bomb exploded today outside a medical clinic in Hilla, South of Baghdad. In and outside the clinic: dozens of Iraqi National Guard and Police officials waiting to take a physical that would approve them for service. The bomb killed at 115 at last count and injured 132.

I was lined up near the medical center, waiting for my turn for the medical exam in order to apply for work in the police,” Abdullah Salih, 22, said. “Suddenly I heard a very big explosion. I was thrown several meters away and I had burns in my legs and hands, then I was taken to the hospital

The bomb was detonated in a mostly Shiite area which begs the question: are the Sunni’s mad about the elections?

The answer: hell yes they are.

The elections were successful in further polarizing the Shiites and Sunnis. The conflict between the groups has pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war many times and the exclusion of this large minority in the new Iraqi council is going to result in large scale attacks similar to today’s and eventually into a full out war.

The US should have taken more steps to insure the Sunnis would vote but that’s in the past. Now, we need to find a way to integrate them into this new government to avoid conflict.

The Shiites say they want to work with the Sunni minority but judging by their reaction I don’t think that will be enough.

The Sunnis hate anyone who is helping the Americans (the officers at the clinic included) and will do anything to put an end to our occupation. We need to step up security when large numbers of unarmed Iraqi guards are present.

These poor people didn’t ask for this, as the occupying force it is our responsibility to protect them.

Source: MSNBC.COM: At least 115 killed in Iraq suicide attack
Car bomber plows into crowd of jobseekers in Hillah=

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Back From Vacation

Liberal Youth was off for the week of Presidents Day but now we’re back, rested and ready to spew forth the liberal bias you all crave! Enjoy!

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Doubt About Negroponte

Yesterday, about four years late, George Bush finally firmed up the new Intelligence Department by naming former US envoy to Iraq and key player in the Iraqi war John Negroponte as director. There are two problems with this decision. 1) 9/11 already happened and although intelligence reform is important, it is more important to thoroughly assess the situation from a federal standpoint and disclose all details that could have possibly contributed to the crisis. Too bad that will never happen. 2) What does the fact that Negroponte was one of the most visible faces of the Iraqi war have to do with national intelligence that will protect Americans within the United States. The terrorists/insurgents currently in Iraq will never attack us in a 9/11 manner, they are only concerned with stopping us within Iraq. A widespread intelligence department should be focusing on making sure the US is not attacked again by foreign enemies. When you invade a country, people usually fight back against the invaders. Finally, it is important to revisit the counterterrorism strategy, terrorists do not carry out widespread attacks the same way twice and certainly not within a short timespan (Such as 9/11-now). So to say that we have stopped terrorists from attacking us in the country is a premature guess. Judging from Bush’s appointment of Porter Goss as CIA director, I have a feeling Negroponte will continue to carry out the partisan Bush agenda.

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New Poll


provided a clear exit stratagy 
cleared up the Social Security Plan 
was too vague 
exploited personal stories 
option 3+4 
Option 1+2 
Whatever Bono says 

Check out the new one on the Budget!

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The First Step

Exciting things have been happening in Israel lately. New Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas has been taking significant strides with the support of Egypt and Jordan. And while the Bush administration seemed to completely abandon the efforts of the Clinton administration to further the Middle East peace process, it seems that Ariel Sharon and Abbas have been doing pretty well on their own.

This cease-fire – though officials of both sides have been careful not to use such certain terms – effectively ends the four-year, low intensity war called the intifada. According to Sharon, this will be the start of a “new path” to “disengage from the path of blood.”

But the tone is wary, granted the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and its tenuous past treaties.

“One can only have a cease-fire with a state or authority that controls security,” a senior Israeli official cautioned here today. “You can’t have a cease-fire with armed terrorist groups, because you give them a veto over peace. What we have today is a cessation of violence, and it can become something more if Abbas moves to crack down.”

Without the support of guerilla militant groups, peace is just a specter. Though it does seem that Abbas is determined to move forward, he needs the support of groups he may not be able to control. The symbolism of this cannot be overstated but the prospect of its actual effectiveness renders me dubious at best.

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Walking Wounded

I highly suggest you read Fred Reed’s “Walking Wounded,” in The American Conservative. Remeniscent of Dalton Trumbo’s novel, Johnny Get Your Gun, the editorial reflects our veterans and, in particular, their struggles in a post-war America. This is especially potent the week of President Bush’s proposed spending plan, which threatens to double the cost of some veterans’ perscription drugs.

The article can be found here.

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The Budget (sigh)

Okay, here we go.

Bush sent out his new best-seller, that’s right, the 2005 Budget. It is a disaster to say the least.

In the past, national budgets have cut anywhere from 40 to 50 Government programs and scaled back additional ones. Next year, according to Bush’s budget 150 Government programs will be getting the axe resulting in a 20 billion dollar savings. I know what your thinking. “Wow, that’s pretty good! Right?”


A 20 billion dollar savings barely makes a dent in the 400 billion dollar deficit. And for those of you who will try to argue that we are slowly chipping away and that in 5 year’s we’ll have a balanced budget, save your breath. The budget does not include projected additional expenses for the Iraqi or Afghan war nor does it allow for the proposed tax cuts. The budget doesn’t even include the substantial transition costs of privatizing Social Security.

The budget is not going to fly with Democrats or, for that matter, with republicans. Bush has to suck it up and realize that Democrats don’t impose taxes during a deficit because they hate America, it’s because they have to get out of debt and they know there aren’t enough expendable government programs to get out of debt. If we ever want to shake the deficit we need to pay more taxes. The people will reap the rewards in the long run.

CLICK HERE for a coprehensive breakdown of the ’05 Budget Proposal.
Courtesy of MSNBC

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Fair and Balanced News

prop·a·gan·da n.
Material disseminated by the advocates or
opponents of a doctrine or cause.

I was truly astounded after reading this article. Apparently, the Bush administration has taken upon itself the liberty to reallocate some of the focus of our nation’s defense department towards the publishing of information that supports Bush policy.

The Defense Department has created two web sites, with a third in the works, that offer information to two major international areas: the Balkan region in Europe, and the Maghreb region in North Africa. The purpose of these web sites is to report on American “sports, politics, and entertainment” in an effort to, as the Pentagon has claimed, counter misinformation.

Okay, sounds only somewhat scary so far. Now add on the fact that the web sites are run by “U.S. military troops trained in ‘information warfare,’ a specialty than can include battlefield deception.” Sure, they’re claiming all information is true and accurate. But it’s selective reporting by masters of deception!

Using the terror-alert colored ladder of importance, you’ve probably now gone from the blue to the yellow. Well let’s add on another uh-oh: the web sites are designed to look like real, separate news organizations!

So we’re hitting orange now. Well we’ve got one more surprise for you! Their fake public news web sites only show their close connection to the government when a visitor clicks a small link at the bottom of a page. By clicking that link, a visitor is taken to a disclaimer. But they’re not gonna give up that easily; “[the] disclaimer… says, in part, that the site is “sponsored by” the U.S. Department of Defense.” ‘Sponsored by’. Not owned, created, and operated by, but ‘sponsored’ by.

I guess spreading our government didn’t seem to do the trick, so we have to make up for it by looking good.


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Creationism vs. Evolution, Round 2

The church is tormenting science. As usual.

Recently, lawsuits have flared up against the board of education in various states, including Kansas, Georgia, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. They all focus around the “controversy” of Darwin’s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. The argument is that it’s not definite fact (and doesn’t make sense) and that, therefore, it shouldn’t be the sole theory students learn about; that students should be introduced to the theory of Creationism, or “intelligent design”. But if they think evolution doesn’t make sense, how on earth do they think Creationism does?!

Creationism is the idea that during six (or seven, according to whose interpretation you go by) 24-hour periods, God created all that exists, with man being made on the sixth day. It also says that the world is only 10,000 years old, but molecular analysis of rocks and fossils shows that the world is more likely to be millions, if not billions, of years old. Churches that preach Creationism, realizing that evolution would completely smash their “theory”, are fighting to have their ideas put alongside evolution in classrooms of public schools.

The fact that people in the past believed in Creationism and disapproved of Evolution is understandable. But in current times, when there is so much more evidence supporting the theory, how is it that people could possibly still think that we just popped outta no where? In addition to evidence from the fossil record, scientists have found plenty of molecular evidence to support evolutionary theory. Not to mention, it just makes sense!

The goals of the lawsuits are to pass state-wide laws that force textbooks to emphasize the evidence against Darwin’s origin of life as well as information on “alternative theories”. It’s ridiculous, to be honest. Most of the people advocating this new curriculum haven’t even learned about evolution. They’ve been taught, by their churches, to shun it. Sure, no one can verify it’s correct, but it’s the most sensical theory we have!

They cannot be allowed to promote and support their beliefs through public education! That would be to go against all that the founding fathers intended–all that our government stands for! Something has to be done. Imagine if they are successful in their lawsuits! You might as well turn their schools–as well as those of their neighboring states–into religious schools.


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Selling Social Security

The republican party has recently released a 103 page document telling fellow republicans how to sell the concept of Social Security Reform. The report includes tips on how to give statistics that mislead the audiance without lieing. They give talking points, sample speeches, and tips on how to make the issue seem urgant. I skimmed it and it’s pretty screwed up.

Click Here To Download The Report (pdf)

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