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This blog has been getting a little heated, so here’s a little humor to cool things off. Check out last nights Top Ten List on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman

The List is:
Top Ten Perks Of Being The New White House Dog

10. You’re one of the few dogs that is smarter than his master.
9. Heart worm? I think Cheney’s got a pill for that.
8. If you eat the President’s briefing papers, it’s not like he’ll notice.
7. “Miss Beazley” isn’t half as ridiculous as “Condoleezza”
6. K-9 color blindness means you don’t have to worry about that terror chart crap.
5. Cannont be put in a kennel without approval of both the House and Senate.
4. Rumsfeld smells like bacon.
3. Get the same high-quality leashes that are used on Abu Ghraib prisoners.
2. At the rate Bush’s Cabinet members are leaving, will be a senior advisor in no time.
1. An owner who sleeps as much as you do!

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Convicted Guard Blames Superiors

From Reuters,

The U.S. military prison guard convicted of abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib said on Saturday he complained repeatedly to superiors about the rough treatment he was forced to mete out to prisoners.
Charles Graner, who was found guilty on Friday on 10 charges in the scandal that has badly damaged America’s reputation, said during the sentencing phase of his court-martial that he was told to “follow orders.”

Whatever the case is, something more should be done about this terrible event. Of course Republicans claim that the “liberal media” is making a story out of nothing, but is torturing prisoners and creating more Iraqi-American hate nothing? I know the best way to solve this problem, by making someone who aproves of torture Attorney General!

UPDATE: The guard was convincted to 10 years in a military prison.

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President Bush and Nicknames

From CNN

Sen. Ben Nelson finally has succeeded in getting President Bush to stop calling him by the nickname “Nellie.”
Bush had been referring to the Nebraska Democrat as “Nellie” since 2001. Nelson disliked the nickname and had asked the president to stop using it.
The president likes to give people nicknames. He has called Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, “Pootie-Poot,” while aide Karen Hughes gets “High Prophet.”

Does anyone see the problem with the president talking to a Senator and a foreign leader like a parent talks to a baby? Pootie-Poot???? It’s about time the President starts treating people with respect and stops making a fool of himself.

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Bush, WMDs and Mistakes

Has anybody noticed that we went to war over Weapons of Mass Destruction…but that those same weapons that Bush and his cabinent members talked about were never found?!! Does this anger anyone? Make anyone upset? Or does anyone even care anymore…? I find it mildly upsetting that Michael Jackson’s trial is getting more airtime and attention than the fact the WMDs aren’t in Iraq. Why did Bush give up the search after the election had ended? I mean, what good does a month do when searching for weapons that never existed? Why shouldn’t he have announced the fact that there were no weapons to be found in September, October or even November 1st? In any case, Bush no longer admits that he made a mistake in this war (funny he admits it after the election). According to CNN…

During a round-table interview with reporters from 14 newspapers, the president, who not long ago declined to identify any mistakes he’d made during his first term, expressed misgivings for two of his most famous expressions: “Bring ’em on,” in reference to Iraqis attacking U.S. troops, and his vow to get Osama bin Laden “dead or alive.”
“Sometimes, words have consequences you don’t intend them to mean,” Bush said Thursday.

Also in the interview, Bush spent time on and answered questions about baseball. Well it’s a good thing he’s focusing on the important stuff you know? I mean, it’s more important to me , and probably the American public, whether Barry Bonds took steroids than whether the WMDs actually existed.

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According to USA Today…

“There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies and against us,” Vice President Cheney said in August 2002. Six months later, Secretary of State Colin Powell made the case, including satellite photos, to the United Nations. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld scoffed that even “a trained ape” knew it was true.

It’s sad that Bush and the White House have ended their search for these weapons. What can they say to the families of soldiers? What can they say to the world? What can they say to the American people? I, for one, am very troubled that we did not find these weapons that were undoubtedly there. Why did this happen? Did Hussein do such a good job of hiding them that we, the United States of America, were unable to find them? Or…did they actually exist in the first place?

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Franken Replaces Limbaugh

Yesterday, the Battleboro Reformer reported that a local radio station would exchange thier right wing show lineup for the more highly demanded left wing programing of Air America Radio (Launched March 2003). The switch came after several locals called in requesting a change in programing. The audiance had shifted since the station was incorperated to a more liberal one.

These requests snet the station into high gear as the replaced the Rush Limbaugh Show, Bill O’Reilly’s Radio Factor, the Howie Carr Show, the Clark Howard Show and the Lars Larson Show. With the Al Franken Show, the Ed Schultz Show, Unfiltered News with Rachel Maddow, the Majority Report with Janeane Garafalo and Sam Seider and the Randi Rhodes Show. Alan Colmes will round out the new lineup with a news-based program.

Air America has gained 41 affiliates and 2 satalite contracts since its start in March of ’03. So much for a failing idea.

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Majority Report Radio Contest

Social Security Action Alert!

Majority Report Radio,blog based evening program on Air America (1190 WLIB in NY) is offering an appearance on their show to who ever can get the most letters to the editor published about the misleading way in which the media is covering the Social Security story.

To download the pre-written letters to the editor click below. Good luck!

Click Here To Download MSword document of letters to the editor

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As of tomorrow afternoon, this blog will be reachable through the URL

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Operation Mislead America: Social Security

Can we just talk for a second about Social Security? The Bush administration is now claiming a mandate of the American People to completely privatize America’s Social Security System, and young people are buying it! In a recent poll, a majority of young people (25 and younger) believe that privatizing social security is a good idea. That’s because they’re scared. Why are they scared? Because Bush is lying AGAIN!
In a press conference regarding the Social Security system, Bush said:

A lot of young people, who are young, that understand the [Social Security] system is worried that they will never see a dime

This is because President Bush’s message is that:

By the time 20 year olds today retire we will have a Social Security system that is bankrupt.

This would be reason for alarm, if it were true. In reality, in the year 2052, according to a congressional study on the topic, enough money will be coming into the system for people to be funded at 80%. What we see here is a system that needs some minor tweaking, not a complete privatization!

In addition, what many people fail to understand is that if the system is privatized there will be LESS money in it because instead of paying the system before retirement any reasonable plan* would call for a some of it to be kept in a private account, therefore pulling potential cash out of the system.

*I say reasonable plan because no specific plan has ever been outlined by the Bush administration despite claims that it was discussed in “great detain” during the election debates.

The same lying, misleading tactics are being employed to trick us about the Social Security system as were used to get us into Iraq without putting up a fight. They are telling us they system will be bankrupt if we don’t privatize and when we do and the government is in trillions of dollars of debt for borrowing money to provide the promised benefits, THEN and only then will we here that in reality, had we maintained the current system there would be almost no problem.

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Human Rights and the US of A

From CNN (for full article search CNN)…

“When most governments breach international human rights and humanitarian law, they commit a violation,” New York-based Human Rights Watch said in its annual report of human rights developments in 60 countries.
“When a government as dominant and influential as the United States openly defies that law and seeks to justify its defiance, it also undermines the law itself and invites others to do the same.”
The group urged the administration of President George W. Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate any U.S. officials who participated in, ordered or had command responsibility for torture or mistreatment. It also dismissed the Bush administration’s claim that Abu Ghraib prisoner treatment was a problem limited to a few soldiers acting on their own.

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