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GOP Hypocrisy: The Washington Revote

Today, CNN reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate in Washington state, Dino Rossi and the Washington GOP is trying to hold a revote of the entire state after loosing to Democratic candidate Christine Gregoire by 129 votes. This is quite hypocritical considering Barbara Boxer’s attempt to challenge the accuracy of the Ohio voting was forced down by the republicans in the House and Senate during a joint session to confirm the electoral votes. Boxer’s intent was not even to alter the outcome of the election. In a letter to Representative Tubbs Jones she said she had “concluded that objecting to the electoral votes from Ohio is the only immediate way to bring these issues [of voter irregularities and fraud] to light by allowing you to have a two-hour debate to let the American people know the facts surrounding Ohio’s election.”

On the flip side, Republican Dino Rossi feels that the votes in Washington should be contested not only to make a point about voter irregularities but to attempt to change the outcome of the elections. Despite two months of recounting ballots, Rossi feels that “You cannot tell who won. The only way for us to get out of this problem is for us to have a revote.”

A statewide revote is unprecedented, for a good reason. The controversy over the first vote in conglomeration with the GOP’s uncanny knack for disenfranchising voters will cause a miracles swing in voter feelings despite Democratic Party attorney Jenny A. Durkan’s feelings that “it would not change the outcome of the election.”

Republicans shoot down people who even mention voter fraud and irregularities calling them conspiracy theorists. Popular talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his show that there was absolutely no evidence of voter irregularities or fraud in Ohio, saying “there wasn’t any [proof of fraud] in this election and there wasn’t any in 2000 either, for that matter.” Aberrantly he didn’t read the 101 page report on suspicious occurrences and irregularities in Ohio put out by the House Judiciary committee sighting several instances of more votes than registered voters, electronic pollers transferring hundreds of Kerry votes into the Bush column, eight and ten hour lines at polling places and pre election intimidation to deter democratic voters from showing up at the polls.

The most fantastic sighting was of Ohio Secretary of State and Ohio GOP leader Kenneth Blackwell rejecting thousands of provisionary ballots on the grounds that the paper on which they were printed were not the proper weight. Then, when his office was asked to provide the appropriate weight they failed to come up with an answer.

For fear of being labeled as evil liberals or conspiracy theorists, senate democrats (except for Barbara Boxer) whimpped out and voted to certify the election results in Ohio. If they hadn’t, the GOP would launch their propaganda machine, sending everyone from John McCain to the Governator out to beat down the Democrats on every Sunday morning talk show for the rest of eternity.

But why then are the republicans setting a double standard in Washington? Because their REPUBLICANS, its what they do. They criticize their foes for actions they too facilitate. How much heat did Clinton get for Kosovo? A lot more than Bush is getting for Iraq from today’s Democratic “leaders”. Shame.

In any event, my thoughts and prayers go out to Christine Gregoire. Good luck, and let the true winner win.

(I put my sources as a comment to this post if your interested)


January 10, 2005 - Posted by | The Progressive Movement


  1. My Sources:

    The letter from Boxer is on this site

    Republicans Challenge Wahington Vote

    House Judiciary Report (its a PDF)

    this is the main stuff, if you want more ill send it your way!

    Comment by chris | January 10, 2005 | Reply

  2. Hey. I go to your school.. who are you?

    Kerry lost by 119000 votes. The Senators were wise enough to not delay the democratic process. Gregoire “won” (lost two counts…then of course..hand recounts are more trustworthy, and there is less chance of fraud..becuase people count every vote the same way..and machines cheat 😛 ) by 129 votes. We will never know who really won in Washington, that is why the first vote should count.

    Second point. I think it is a bit hypocritical to support a war solely for humanitarian reasons (thanks United Nations! 6 Years and Still no power, starvation, and disease in Kosovo), and not one that had even worse conditions…plus benefits for America and Israel.

    Thirdly, RINO’s like John McCain would rather criticize Republicans for political gain.

    The real hypocrisy is pretending to be pro-american, and then turning pinko and hanging out with Castro.

    Comment by rwa2 | January 10, 2005 | Reply

  3. rwa2,

    okay, first, I go to school with Stephen L. I’m not quite sure who you are.

    Second, like I said, the intent of senator Boxer was not to alter the outcome of the election but rather to facilitate change in the way america elects a president. If you read her statement, this would be evident. The senators did not vote against it because they wanted to “not delay the democratic process”. Thats BS, when they want legislation to be killed they filibuster untill the world is over, they just didn’t want to look like sore loosers (which senater Boxer explained they wouldn’t because they were not trying to overturn the results of the election, but lets face it, you and I both know that the GOP would splash that lie all over the cable news and the dems would look rediculase to people who have no idea what they are talking about).

    Besides, is an entire reVOTE really necessary? There are many more opertunities to alter the outcome of an election (sigted in post) than in a simple recount (at least in a recount the votes are material, there there :p)

    And I dont want to spend too much time on the war because it’s over but I believe this months justification for the war in Iraq was to LIBERATE the Iraqi people (sounds pretty humanitarian to me). Besides, if anyone listened to the UN maybe something would get done in Kosovo, but every thing that Clinton worked hard to achieve has been shuned by the Bush Admin and the UN is for pussys… aperantly.

    and lastly, If John McCain is criticizing ANYONE for political gain its the democrats. I see the sick look on his face every time he said he supported George Bush for president, it looked like he was going to throw up.

    And I hope your not refering to Senator McCain in that last statement as last time I checked he was captured trying to fight Comunists in Vietnam


    Comment by chris | January 11, 2005 | Reply

  4. “Second, like I said, the intent of Senator Boxer was not to alter the outcome of the election but rather to facilitate change in the way America elects a president.” – Chris

    If you believe this, I have a bridge in Arizona for sale. Come on, she was doing it for the SAME reason the Republicans are, for political gain. To believe otherwise, shows as much intelligence as calling Michael Moore’s films honest and straightforward documentaries. Oh, I forgot, Democrats actually beleive that resembled the truth. Go Figure. What a surprise!

    I, as a Republican, feel that the Ohio recount is pointless, and any efforts to look into it is just a waste of money better spent on other State needs. If she wanted to “improve” the way America elects a President, pushing for a recount is NOT the way to go about it. Spend the millions that would be spent on the recount, on improving the voting places and systems instead.

    In Washington, 129 votes is TO small given the problems occurring with the numbers of voters we are talking about today. Anyone with common sense will admit that there are problems with elections. This should come as news to no-one, but problems do not mean a vast right wing conspiracy to hijack an election. Nor does it mean that ALL elections have problems. 129 votes IS a VERY small number to separate a win from a loss, and unless they do a recount and come out with the same number, 129, twice in a row, the only other option would be a revote. Not that I am for it. I will have to admit that not all Republicans are a shinning example of the Republican Party, just as not all Democrats embody the Ideals of the Democratic Party. There are rotten apples in both baskets.

    Comment by ÐÇRøçk§ | January 11, 2005 | Reply

  5. Comparing the Washington Governor vote to the Ohio Vote doesn’t add up. A difference of 129 votes is close, in relation to the overall votes. A difference of 118,000 in Ohio is not a close race in relation to overall votes cast in Ohio.

    Comment by Anonymous | January 13, 2005 | Reply

  6. that may be so, but because it is a race of so much importance, isn’t it safe to assume that voter fraad is exponentially higher in the presidential race than in the gubenatorial race?

    Comment by chris | January 13, 2005 | Reply

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